LINE ON BOARD, Exhibition in 3331 Art Chiyoda, Chiyoda, Tokyo 17-20 Oct 2016

本展では、東京の道から回収した段ボールを再利用し、コンセプチュアルなアプローチと物質的にラインを描きだすことを通し平面的な素材を彫刻化させました。作品のテーマとした「ライン」は、時間や生命、そしてアートそのもののように無限に流れるのでしょう。 This exhibition focuses on lines. Time and the journey of life itself is a line. I try to capture the moments when people are basking in sunset, enjoying their life or even grasping a fleeting image. I always like to experiment with new materials while exploring opportunities to create works with greater artistic impacts than ordinary paintings on canvas. In this exhibition, I use cardboard collected from the streets during my stay in Japan and put lines in them, both physically and conceptually. These paintings and sculptures made of … Continue reading LINE ON BOARD, Exhibition in 3331 Art Chiyoda, Chiyoda, Tokyo 17-20 Oct 2016

Zen on Sand (multi-media on canvas)

There are 5 pieces of Wabi-sabi work, sharing the same texture of canvas foundation, which is made with a mixture of sand and acrylic.  Using sand as a medium has a philosophical, “Wabi-sabi” dimension to it. The way that sand slips away from the slits between our fingers when you try to grasp a handful reminds us that nothing in life can actually be grasped, … Continue reading Zen on Sand (multi-media on canvas)

The Poetic Landscape

In this Project of The Poetic Landscape, which is inspired by the Canadian painter, Otto Roger Donald, and Chinese (US based) painter FONG Chung-Ray’s personal style and techniques, I attempt to use new materials, not only the large-sized wood board in 80 x 120cm but also a new approach of collage work with mixed media for developing the textures and layers. I made reference to … Continue reading The Poetic Landscape