The Poetic Landscape

In this Project of The Poetic Landscape, which is inspired by the Canadian painter, Otto Roger Donald, and Chinese (US based) painter FONG Chung-Ray’s personal style and techniques, I attempt to use new materials, not only the large-sized wood board in 80 x 120cm but also a new approach of collage work with mixed media for developing the textures and layers.

I made reference to the nature, the beauty of the four seasons and sought a sense of poetic landscape in my depiction, in search for a heightened realm of reality. While developing the configuration on each wood panel, my aim is to achieve a resolution that transcends the act of making, presenting the viewer with a touch of Wabi-Sabi, with a presence so palpable that time seems to be suspended.

In addition, what I really like to do in my studio practice was to define a process to archive the best choice of leaving out instead of putting in. Hence I have tried to paste multi-layers of painted papers on the wood board to develop geometrical structures which were as simple as possible at the beginning. And then, in nearly the same way as how leaves grow and fall, I started cutting out the layers of paper in order to reveal the hidden layer of color instead of adding more color layers on the top as usual. Does it imply that observed principles of the natural creative process are employed in our artistic process? This may be the case, but it does not means that nature and art are the same thing. Roger says, “Creation reflects the attributes of the Creator, art reflect the mind of the artist. The mind keeps company with nature. And nature is the companion of conceptualization.