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LEUNG Tat Sang Samues  

Samues Leung graduated from Macquarie University. He has been worked in Marketing Management for Xerox over 20 years. He established the State-of-the-Arts Gallery in 2003 and has been hosted more than 100 exhibitions for worldwide artists. Since 2009, he has been actively involved in the field of contemporary visual arts. In 2013, he pursued studies in Western painting at both LaSalle College of the Arts and Nanyang Academy of Fine Art in Singapore. In 2016, he obtained a Master’s degree in Fine Art (MFA) with distinction from the Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology (RMIT). In 2018, he furthered his education by completing a Master’s program in Arts and Cultural Enterprises at Central Saint Martin Design College, University of Arts London. Moreover, Samues has undertaken various certified courses, including Interior Design, Modern Art Creation, Modern Painting at the Hong Kong Arts School, and Art Management & Curatorship. And he also continue his art-making activities by participating the Residency Programs in Tokyo, Venice, New York Visual Art School and France from 2016~2024.

Samues has delved into the realm of art-making practices, seeking inspiration from the captivating beauty of Japanese aesthetics and the profound philosophy of Zen. In his exploration, he has embraced the concept of impermanence, infusing it into the creative process within the context of fine art. His artistic journey has led him to employ a diverse range of materials, crafting intricate paintings and sculptures that reflect both the wonders of nature and his personal experiences. Through thorough research during his study of MFA course, Samues has delved into Zen-inspired notions such as Wabi-sabi and Minimalism. These concepts embody the essence of simplicity, redundancy, and the contemplation of solitude. He skilfully expresses these ideas through various mediums and contexts, employing a multitude of processes and materials to their utmost potential.

Samues’ artistic prowess has been showcased in exhibitions held in Tokyo, South Korea, Singapore, Melbourne, and Hong Kong. His works have captivated audiences, offering them a glimpse into his unique interpretation of Japanese aesthetics and Zen philosophy.

Presently, Samues holds the position of an Visual Art Consultant. Throughout his career, he has successfully executed various projects in Hong Kong and mainland China, encompassing public spaces within real estate properties, commercial buildings, and Government Departments. Notably, he has gained recognition for five prominent landscape sculptures that have become his signature works. One of his most notable achievements includes the creation of a large-scale permanent art installation titled “Fish-1989” for the Drainage Services Department in 2019 to celebrate its 30th anniversary. Additionally, he was entrusted with the responsibility of designing and constructing an architectural sculpture in large scale of “Glory Star” for a new residential development project commissioned by the Hong Kong Housing Authority. This remarkable sculpture was unveiled in mid-2021, serving as a symbol of celebration and the illustrious history of the Hong Kong film industry. In 2024, he will oversee the design and fabrication of a new 6-meter-tall landscape sculpture for the recently constructed Sai Sha Sports Center.

Information reference: https://www.samues.com/wp/category/art-consultancy/

Academy Exchange and Symposium:
Seoul National University (South Korea), 2014
Art School, RMIT University, (Melbourne), 2015

梁達生 Samues 畢業於澳洲悉尼的麥覺理大學,他在施樂公司從事市場銷售及管理工作20多年。於2003年創立了State-of-the-Arts 畫廊,為來自世界各地的藝術家拓展超過100個展覽。自2009年以來,他一直專注參與視覺藝術領域。2013年,他在新加坡的拉薩爾藝術學院和南洋美術學院學習西方繪畫。2016年,他以優異成績獲得皇家墨爾本理工大學(RMIT)的純美術碩士學位(MFA)。2018年,他進一步深造,完成了倫敦藝術大學中央聖馬丁設計學院的藝術和文化企業碩士課程。此外,Samues 還進修各項認證課程,包括室內設計、現代藝術創作、現代繪畫等在香港藝術學院的課程,以及藝術管理和策展課程。他也在2016年至2023年期間參加了東京、威尼斯、紐約藝術學院及法國的多個藝術家駐留計劃,令他能以更多時間及專注地繼續的藝術創作。

Samues 從迷人的日本美學和深邃的禪宗哲學中尋找靈感,探索藝術創作和實踐。他融入了無常的概念到藝術創作過程中,揉合在繪畫和雕塑作品中,反映了自然的奇妙和他個人的經歷。Samues喜歡探索以侘寂(Wabi-Sabi)和極簡主義為創作靈感的概念。這些概念體現了簡約、冗余和寂寞的本質。他通過各種媒介和背景巧妙地表達了這些思想,充分發揮了各種藝術媒介的潛力。Samues的藝術作品在先後東京、韓國、新加坡、墨爾本和香港等地舉辦的展覽中展出。

目前,Samues 擔任藝術顧問的工作。在香港和中國大陸等地完成了過百項藝術設計和製作的各種項目,包括房地產、商業建築和政府部門的公共空間。當中他更以五個大型的景觀雕塑獲得了認可,這些作品己成為他的標誌性的藝術成就。其中包括在2019年為香港政府渠務處設計了一個名為「Fish-1989」的大型永久藝術裝置, 作為30周年紀念。此外,他還為香港房屋委員會委托負責設計和建造一個大型建築雕塑,名為Glory Star”. 這個卓越的星型雕塑,於2021年中期揭幕,成為慶祝香港電影工業的象徵,展示其輝煌的歷史。2024年更為新落成的西沙運動中心設計及制作更大型(六米高七米寬)的戶外雕塑。


Solo exhibition:
Art of Impermanence, 3331 Art Chiyoda Gallery (Tokyo), 09/2016
Line on board, 3331 Arts Chiyoda Gallery (Tokyo), 10/2016,
Tropical sceneries in Nishikicho Studio (Tokyo), 10/2016

Art of Nature,Gallery Goh, Tokyo, Japan, 2017

The Shape of Love and Hope, (Part 3), Pop-up Site Specific Art installation, Venice 09/2022.

Temporal Reflections: Capturing the Essence of NYC, SVA Gallery, New York City, 08/2023

Group exhibition:
Passageway, The Gallery of Hong Kong Art School, Hong Kong Arts Centre, (HK), 06/2015
Burning, Site Specific on roof top in Wanchai (HK), 12/2015
“Dear Rhett” Castle Depot, (HK) 09/2016
One to Origin, Jao-Tsung – Academy (HK), 01/2017
Beyond the Journey, RMIT University, MFA Graduate Exhibition, Pao Galleries, HK Arts Center, (HK), 09/2017
The Art of Resistance, HONG Space Gallery (HK) 10/2019
Affordable Art Fair Melbourne, Australia, 09/2019
“Reproduction of Light”, 26th Art Taipei, Taiwan, 10/2019
The Feminine Awakens – Art Exhibition @ Pao Galleries, HK Art Center, 11/2019″

Artists Love NYC” – Saphira & Ventura Gallery, New York City, 2023

Artists in Residence:

AIR 3331, Nishikicho Studio, Tokyo, Japan, 2016
AIR 3331, Iwamotocho Studio, Tokyo, Japan, 2022
SCUOLA International School of Graphic Design, Venice, Italy, 2022
The School of Visual Art (SVA), New York City, USA, 2023