The Beauty of Art Deco (Collage artwork on cardboard)

This series of The Beauty of Art Deco which is created by college on cardboard (300gsm) with drawings in mixed media and digital prints. The elements to show the Beauty of Art Deco were basically the monochrome line drawings of Art Deco architectures from 20s to 60s and the re-edited printed photos (of which I founded in a vintage fashion books in Melbourne), mobiles in … Continue reading The Beauty of Art Deco (Collage artwork on cardboard)

The Poetic Landscape

In this Project of The Poetic Landscape, which is inspired by the Canadian painter, Otto Roger Donald, and Chinese (US based) painter FONG Chung-Ray’s personal style and techniques, I attempt to use new materials, not only the large-sized wood board in 80 x 120cm but also a new approach of collage work with mixed media for developing the textures and layers. I made reference to … Continue reading The Poetic Landscape

Solo in Solitude – Performative art by photos

I created a new artwork under the theme of Solitude – Solo Exercise. This was a unique and unforgettable experience that I earned in my life. I had never thought about staying on an isolated island for 24 hours alone, with no watch, no mobile, no radio, etc. There was nothing I could use to keep connecting with my “world”. Though I was fearful during … Continue reading Solo in Solitude – Performative art by photos

Shadow of memory

Art Installation. work, mixed media, 2015 I attempted to use metal and copper wire as the main materials to develop a series of linear sculptures. The feature sculptures are entitled 1) A Man Story; 2) A Seed Story and the remaining part of the sculptures, 3) The Present that are all included in this “Memories of Shadows” series. In the set-up of these site-specific installations … Continue reading Shadow of memory