Shadow of memory

Art Installation. work, mixed media, 2015

I attempted to use metal and copper wire as the main materials to develop a series of linear sculptures. The feature sculptures are entitled 1) A Man Story; 2) A Seed Story and the remaining part of the sculptures, 3) The Present that are all included in this “Memories of Shadows” series.

In the set-up of these site-specific installations with lighting, different shadows will be reflected on the walls at the back of the sculptures. They will be viewed in a holistic perspective of “Memories of Shadows” including the viewers’ shadows.

The term “shadow memory”, when applied in the computing world, is a technique used to track and store information in computer memory used by a program during its execution. Shadow memory consists of shadow bytes that map to individual bits or one or more bytes in main memory. These shadow bytes are typically invisible to the original program in the computer and are used to record information about the original piece of data.