Exhibits preview at the School of Visual Art, SVA, NYC, Aug 2023

My art statement of this series of work;
“Temporal Reflections: Capturing the Essence of NYC”
In my artistic exploration within the SVA residency program, I embark on a creative journey to document my fleeting encounter with the vibrant city of New York. While acknowledging my limited depth of insight and knowledge regarding the intricacies of this metropolis, including pressing societal issues such as homelessness and safety, my focus instead lies in conveying the allure and splendor of New York to those who hold love and hope in their hearts for this place they call home.

I have chosen warm yellow as the main color tone, representing the energy and creativity of New York City. Throughout my artwork, I discovered an abundance of yellow hues scattered across the city, which I have incorporated to create a vibrant and inviting atmosphere.

The central theme of this series revolves around the intangible nature of time, symbolizing my one-month sojourn in the city as a transient period of travel—a timeline in itself. As I present this collection of artworks, I aim to guide the audience through an ethereal journey, allowing them to grasp the essence of NYC through the interconnectedness of each painting, forming an intangible timeline that unveils the spirit of the city from one piece to the next.




這個系列的核心主題圍繞著時間的無形性,象徵著我在城市中度過的一個月旅行的短暫時期 的一個時間線。當我展示這些藝術作品時,我希望引導觀眾踏上一次超然的旅程,讓他們通過每幅畫作之間的相互聯繫,形成一個無形的時間線,從而領略紐約的精神,從一幅作品到另一幅作品的傳遞。