LINE ON BOARD, Exhibition in 3331 Art Chiyoda, Chiyoda, Tokyo 17-20 Oct 2016


This exhibition focuses on lines. Time and the journey of life itself is a line. I try to capture the moments when people are basking in sunset, enjoying their life or even grasping a fleeting image. I always like to experiment with new materials while exploring opportunities to create works with greater artistic impacts than ordinary paintings on canvas. In this exhibition, I use cardboard collected from the streets during my stay in Japan and put lines in them, both physically and conceptually. These paintings and sculptures made of cardboard, share the theme of ‘line’, which is flowing, running all the way, with no limits…in very much same way with time, life, and art itself. By making artwork out of cardboard, I am also exploring their other purposes beyond their original function of packing, in a sense breathing life into cardboard with artistic meanings.