The Spirit of Art Deco (watercolor drawing on paper)

Art Deco style in a “vehicle” of Design and Architecture  The creative impulses of Art Deco leave a trademark in buildings established during the glamorous Jazz age from mid-1930’s to 1940’s. These buildings have remained a heritage of architecture up to nowadays and have never failed to impress us with the fine nuances of Art Deco in various forms, from the highly decorative classical form … Continue reading The Spirit of Art Deco (watercolor drawing on paper)

Zen on Sand (multi-media on canvas)

There are 5 pieces of Wabi-sabi work, sharing the same texture of canvas foundation, which is made with a mixture of sand and acrylic.  Using sand as a medium has a philosophical, “Wabi-sabi” dimension to it. The way that sand slips away from the slits between our fingers when you try to grasp a handful reminds us that nothing in life can actually be grasped, … Continue reading Zen on Sand (multi-media on canvas)

The Hidden Memory

    The swirl and flow of memory are represented by brushstrokes of dark ink, stark and intense, whereas the thread is the linearity leading to our hidden memory, which is represented by the intricate fabric-like texture, deliberately portrayed to be standing out from the rest of the painting. The broken rope represents the inconsistent state of memory. The rope is more visible in the … Continue reading The Hidden Memory

Stories of Deserted Villages

  In this project, I attempted to capture my impressions on deserted villages located on outlying islands and some rural areas in the New Territories. Although my research interest Wabi-Sabi is originally a Japanese aesthetic concept, I seek inspirations of Wabi-Sabi in HK rather than relying on my travelling experiences in Japan, since I believe that Wabi-Sabi is universal. During my past visits to those … Continue reading Stories of Deserted Villages

Solitude versus Togetherness in The Hong Kong Flâneur

  The premise for the following works is based on the notion of the Flaneur.  I shall give examples of what I mean by this term in relation to my research and artworks. The French term Flâneur means strollers or loungers, and yet without the negative connotations of laziness. Rather, it conjures up the literary type of man, the “connoisseur” who strolls leisurely in the … Continue reading Solitude versus Togetherness in The Hong Kong Flâneur

In Praise of Slow

Apart from being an aesthetic philosophy, slow Living is also a choice of lifestyle. Authors Beth Meredith and Eric Storm summarize slow living as follows: Slow Living means structuring your life around meaning and fulfillment. Similar to “voluntary simplicity” and “downshifting,” it emphasizes a less-is-more approach, focusing on the quality of life. [9] Slow Living addresses the desire to lead a more balanced life and … Continue reading In Praise of Slow

Love of Nature

From these installation photos, I also attempted to offer the idea of Simplicity which is embodied in many cultures, especially the Japanese traditional culture of Zen Philosophy. I placed some stones and leaves randomly on the desk in confident spontaneity. The compositions of these stone, leaf and wood installation configurations are arranged based on the perspectives that I have experimented before but it was after some … Continue reading Love of Nature

Narcissus Love (multimedia installation work)

This series of work, under the theme “Narcissus Love” , which features the Narcissus plant, was transformed from my previous oil painting, same title:  “Narcissus Love”  to an installation work consisting of 7 individual pieces. My artworks should have an aesthetic which can be dedicated to my family, as well as honoring my father’s profession as a tailor. I tried to make a new series of … Continue reading Narcissus Love (multimedia installation work)

The Beauty of Art Deco (Collage artwork on cardboard)

This series of The Beauty of Art Deco which is created by college on cardboard (300gsm) with drawings in mixed media and digital prints. The elements to show the Beauty of Art Deco were basically the monochrome line drawings of Art Deco architectures from 20s to 60s and the re-edited printed photos (of which I founded in a vintage fashion books in Melbourne), mobiles in … Continue reading The Beauty of Art Deco (Collage artwork on cardboard)