MOUNTAIN IN MOUNTAIN, Monumental Sculpture on water feature, 10 meter diameter, mixed media, 2018 by Samues Leung


這個混合媒體雕塑《山中的山》(2018)中。這是一件特別優雅的作品,具有令人愉悅的自然感和自發性。 隨著白天從黎明到黃昏再到黑夜,光線從水中的自然光變成燈火,光滑的雕刻形狀向天空推進,被揭示為中國古典風景中的山脈。 

Is “mountain” a space or an object? Mountain is a kind of existence to feel through distance. The sculpture is made of metal, stone and dead wood elements. It is installed in the water. The fire owed to Wuhengzhong comes from the sun reflected on the mirror steel surface or the light in the pool water. The whole sculpture reflects mountains from different angles, and the mountains are reflected on the water, providing another space for the mountains and the mountains. And some of the mountains made of mirror steel reflect the space that can be seen but not touched. And when you come close to see yourself, you also enter this elusive space, such as looking for a figure in the mountain, and at the same time breathing inside and outside. I am no longer myself. I became a thing in front of me, a part of the mountain.

People living in the expansive housing complexes, where Leung has placed a number of my striking   monumental   sculptures  and installations, have found great “delight” in them. Although they vary in size, there is something that speaks human scale. While he has been influenced by Western sculptural language, some  of my works speak to the drama of Chinese landscape as in this dramatic mixed-media sculpture Mountain in Mountain (2018).

This is an especially  elegant  piece  with pleasant naturalness and spontaneity about it. As the day progresses from dawn to dusk to night and the light changes from natural to the lamp light in the water, the smooth sculpted forms  pushing toward the sky are revealed as mountains in  a  classical  Chinese  landscape.  The effect of this sinuous work is a calming, encouraging momentary contemplation.