The Shape of Love and Hope, Art installation Part 2, mixed media, 09-2022

In an effort to further explore the concept behind the “Shape of Love and Hope” art installation, which I initially created at AIR3331 Tokyo in July 2022, I decided to evolve the artwork during my current residency. Instead of utilizing physical copper wire sculptures as the primary medium, I sought to reimagine the piece using the Transfer-printed method on small wooden boards. These black-colored wood boards were inspired by traditional Japanese wishing boards found in temples. As part of the installation, I suspended these boards, adorned with 20 images of “wishing locks,” on the gate of SCUOLA. On the reverse side of the boards, I incorporated printmaking techniques to feature Chinese words symbolizing wishes for health, luck, and happiness.

Overall, I found the art-making process at SCUOLA during my residency to be immensely enjoyable, particularly the opportunity to delve into the realm of printmaking. It has been a truly wonderful experience.