Memories of Shadows- The Shape of Love and Hope, Part 1, Interior photos and art statement

The Shape of Love and Hope – Open Studio – AIR Chiyoda Iswamotocho Studio 22/07/2022

The beginning of a love can be a chance to encounter, a secret love, or a love at first sight. Starting from the romantic and growing with pure morning dew, how much the process requires persistence, dedication and commitment, or even vows to become a hope and expectation of love.

Hanging the lover’s hope and commitment to love by an iron lock is the simplest and most romantic move for the lovers. Although the physical iron lock itself is extremely hard, the expectations of lovers may quietly fade over time, and promises may be forgotten in the past. In an impermanent life, memory can be a choice. As the shackle of commitment, although her key has been thrown into the water, can this hope to be realised? How many promise can be kept forever?

This artwork takes nostalgic iron lock as a reference object and story; using linear copper wires as the main medium, it expresses and specialises the fragile form of these sculptures and the reflection of her shape from hanging on the wall and emerging in the light. This expresses the commitment that has been forgotten gradually, and now became their illusion and vulnerability. Memory flies with time, and the hope of the past is the prayer of love and short romance for the moment. Love sometime is an imperfect story.

In Japan, in addition to buckling the iron lock as a wish, one of the cultures in the Tanabata Festival is to tie a kind of short paper tag with wishes on Sasatake to pray, which is divided into five colors, representing five elements of gold, wood, water, fire and earth, and each color also represents a variety of meanings. For my artwork creation, I used transparent film, applying black ink to brand out the shape lines of the iron lock to express the promises and prayers that have faded and forgotten, and they have become blurred; with the century-old poems on paper… the praise of love is a contrast, and that romance is eternal, and memory becomes unreal.

影子的回憶 – 愛與希望的形狀


用鐵鎖扣掛著戀人的希望和對愛情的承諾,是最單純又浪漫的舉動。作為許願的鐵鎖雖然堅硬無比,但戀人的期望或許隨著時間悄悄地無聲消淡 ,承諾也許變作是過去的遺忘。無常的人生,記憶可以是一種選擇。作為承諾的枷鎖,她的鎖匙雖然已被掉進水裏面,但這能保證會實現嗎?能夠維繫的又有幾多地久天長?







また、約束の鎖として彼女の鍵は水に投げましたが、これで本当に実現できるだろうか? その将来はどれくらい長く保てるのか?