[My favourites in Atelier] series (ongoing update collection and archived)

Ceramic artist Winnie LO, “Sleeping Cat” 2006, 350x120x80mm, Vintage International table-top clock for 4 countries, bronze, 400x450mm
春之精靈(左) 小葱頭(右) 2 x Ceramic work by Anna Li, and wood graving work by Hans (Austria)
Wines collection with a special commemorative edition by HK Jockey Club in 1996, a special collection of Royal QE2 tea cup from London, 2018, a Macquaire U cup, and a horse sculpture, brass, 2010
移動城堡十號, 2018 (左) 鷸之旅行者 2009, (右) Ceramic Work by Anna LI
Wearable Object #40, artwork by Sanae Takahata (Japan), 2013, 150x50x210mm (framed)
Hard Rock Cafe wine glass set, collected from across my travelled countries, especial the one from Toronto where I haven’t revisited more than 30 years.
Astro Boy drawing edition 61/88 by ZENO and the porcelain music toy, 140×220 from a antique shop in Taipei, 2008
A collective acquisition of vintage glasses series, from left to right: ERIK HOGLUND BODA, 1960’s, green and blue bottles from日本福岡縣北九州市, small antique medical glasses from 巴黎跳蚤市场 (marche aux Puces/ Dauphine, Paris. And the dish- The Prince of Wales Caernarvon 1 July 1969. (On wall)
A set of 3 ceramic work by Japanese artist (unknown) from Setochu, especially the wood stand which I got from a sewing shop in the city of Marugame, given by very nice shopkeeper lady in 2015. And anther set of 3 vintage glass plates from Denmark, shopped from Knowhere, PMQ HK.
Wearable Object art No. 79, 2013, 170x210mm (framed) by Sanae Takahata (Japan)
Collective ceramic work by Japanese, Taiwan and Local Artists