[Museum walks] photo album: Yokohama Museum of Art

This Yokohama Triennale Contemporary art exhibition has 2 highlight artwork: The German Angst (Empty room) by Gregor Schneider-

Schneider shows a new installation called German Angst in his favorite spot in the Yokohama Museum of Art. Entering an “empty” room, viewers will roam around the strange space as it throws their senses out of kilter, The feeling recalls the way one felt when becoming lost as a child, when a familiar landscape could suddenly be transformed into an unknown scene. This is not only a form of physical roaming but also a kind of mental roaming that allows us to encounter the self without anywhere else to go.

2014-08-27 18.06.42

On the other hand, an art work installation – “Rubbish bag” (I don’t know the title), it was displayed in the subway station lobby mixed with other conventional rubbish bags…. allowing viewer to feel/identify <art vs. rubbish!!!>… I observed that almost of people/passengers who have been walked/by passed this artwork but they didn’t aware of this artwork is an installation… just like a famous violinist who had played violin in NYC station to test people awareness of art listening.