In Praise of Slow

Apart from being an aesthetic philosophy, slow Living is also a choice of lifestyle. Authors Beth Meredith and Eric Storm summarize slow living as follows: Slow Living means structuring your life around meaning and fulfillment. Similar to “voluntary simplicity” and “downshifting,” it emphasizes a less-is-more approach, focusing on the quality of life. [9] Slow Living addresses the desire to lead a more balanced life and … Continue reading In Praise of Slow

Love of Nature

From these installation photos, I also attempted to offer the idea of Simplicity which is embodied in many cultures, especially the Japanese traditional culture of Zen Philosophy. I placed some stones and leaves randomly on the desk in confident spontaneity. The compositions of these stone, leaf and wood installation configurations are arranged based on the perspectives that I have experimented before but it was after some … Continue reading Love of Nature

Narcissus Love (multimedia installation work)

This series of work, under the theme “Narcissus Love” , which features the Narcissus plant, was transformed from my previous oil painting, same title:  “Narcissus Love”  to an installation work consisting of 7 individual pieces. My artworks should have an aesthetic which can be dedicated to my family, as well as honoring my father’s profession as a tailor. I tried to make a new series of … Continue reading Narcissus Love (multimedia installation work)